Questions About Life and Christ
Below are some questions typically asked by those seeking the truth.

1. "Where will I go when I die?"

What will happen to you when your body ceases to function? Will you no longer exist? Or is there some part of you that will continue on? And if so, where?
Let "The Kristo" give you the answer.

2. "Is there any hope?"

Well, is there? Is there any hope in a world where terrorists could strike at any moment-where rogue nations hold their collective finger on nuclear and biological weapons? Is there any hope in a world where you could lose your job tomorrow and where that pain in your leg could turn out to be a tumor headed for your lungs? Is there any hope?
Yes-find out why and where-visit "Here's Hope."

3. "How can I know God?"

If God does exist, is God a person or an untouchable force? If God is personal, does this person care about me?
Let "Friends Forever" guide you.

4. "What single event in human history had the power to split time?"

Whatever that event was, it must have been awesome. Imagine something so powerful as to rewrite the calendar-forever.

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