Faith 500, Incorporated is dedicated to the memory of William L. and Muriel B. Warren, parents of Dr. William Warren.

My Father
William L. Warren, Sr.
November 24, 1920-October 18, 2001

My father-gentle man with a kind soul,
Willing to serve-even to sacrifice,
Many an early-morning rising
To help support his family.

My father-a fondness for humor,
A lover of sports,
A player of games.

My father-a man of God,
"Open Windows" always open to today,
Time of quiet with God not neglected,
A servant in the shadows-ushering worshipers to God.

My father-a child of the South,
A son of the American Revolution,
Caretaker of the family tree,
Loyal member of the military.

My father-a friend to strangers,
His voice soft, his smile easy,
My father-much beloved by his son,
Forever grateful for the silent service.

My Mother
Muriel B. Warren
October 16, 1921-July 11, 2001

My mother-a strong presence filled with love,
A heart brimming with concern,
An uncanny sensitivity to the troubled
times of her children,
A giving nature that always said,
"We will find a way."

My mother-a champion's determination to excel,
An ethic of work to be admired,
A desire to learn and to teach,
A willingness to pay the price to do her best.

My mother-an advocate for the poor and the forgotten,
A commitment to fight for their justice,
A sacrifice of her money to meet their needs,
A sacrifice of her time to heal their loneliness.

My mother-a lover of God,
An "Old Rugged Cross" woman of Christ,
A devotion to His Bride,
A steward of His story passed on to her children,
A faith sustained through all the storms.

My mother-admired by her son and
always close to his heart.

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